VIDEO: Scott Taylor Surrogate Launches Racially Charged Rant Against Trump-Aligned Opponent Jarome Bell


An ex-member of Virginia’s 2nd District Republican leadership and surrogate for former GOP Congressman Scott Taylor’s bid to return to Washington launched a racially charged tirade at Taylor’s Primary Election opponent, Jarome Bell, in a social media video he recorded while campaigning on the candidate’s behalf. 

While working on a roadside Taylor campaign sign and soliciting honks of approval from passing vehicles, Jim Kaczmarek, who heads up the “Scott Taylor Eastern Shore Grassroots ‘Seal the Deal’ Team” Facebook page, dubbed Jarome Bell, one of Taylor’s two primary race opponents, a “despicable bastard,” after claiming that Bell – who is black – speaks with a “touch of ghetto.” 

“Getting ready to get the ‘vote June 23rd’ stickers to go on these [signs],” said Kaczmarek.

He continued, “We’re down here at Don Valerio’s, our Hispanic friends who are pro-Scott Taylor, who speak Spanish by the way, unlike Jarome Bell, who just speaks belligerent sailor and a little touch of ghetto.”

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“Veterans for Trump, respectable veterans, not despicable bastards like ‘dumbbell.’ Scott Taylor! Go Scott Taylor,” he added.

Kaczmarek’s racially charged tirade marks only the most recent of controversies he has caused to befall both himself and the Taylor campaign, already reeling from a 2018 election fraud scandal.

In 2018, while serving as Vice Chair of Virginia’s 2nd District GOP and a surrogate for then-Congressman Scott Taylor’s re-election bid, Kaczmarek was forced to resign following a long series of both threatening and sexually charged social media posts directed at Mary Jones – Taylor’s primary race opponent – and a number of her supporters.

As previously reported by National File, just last year Kaczmarek was suspended from GOP nominating events and official committee roles for a 4-year term in response to his campaigning on behalf of Democrats.

Additionally, Kaczmarek was recently caught touting a fake endorsement of Taylor’s 2020 campaign, as he falsely claimed in social media posts that the campaign had received the endorsement of the Accomack County Republican Unit.

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