Kari Lake Says She'll Finish Trump's Wall By Building On Federal Land If Elected, Threatens Biden To Arrest Her

Kari Lake, a former journalist now running for the Republican Party’s nomination to be the next Governor of Arizona, has promised to complete unfinished portions of border wall in her […]

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UK: Border Force Resists Plans To Turn Migrants Away, Outgoing Chief Says Borders Are 'Pain In The Bloody Arse'

As 20K+ illegal migrants are entering the UK, the Border Force are considering legal action to stop plans for them to push boats back in the English Channel
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Biden Gets $455,000 'Security Fencing' Around His Luxury Beach Home After Halting Border Wall Funds

The DHS has approved a $455,000 contract to build a security fence around Joe Biden’s luxury beach home in Delaware. The contract was awarded to Turnstone Holdings LLC on September […]

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Man Accused Of Raping Woman On Crowded Train Is Illegal Immigrant Previously Convicted Of Sexual Abuse

The man who allegedly raped a woman on a crowded Philadelphia train was released from immigration detention and never deported, according to Tucker Carlson. 35-year-old Fiston Ngoy, a Congolese national, […]

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