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Russian Dissident Navalny: Biden Is 'Like a Frightened Schoolboy' as Putin Pulls the Wool Over His Eyes

A Russian dissident has vented to Time magazine about his disgust with the way Valdimir Putin manipulates America.
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Biden Admin Threatens 'Consequences' Against Russia for Military Buildup In Ukraine

On the Sunday morning program ‘Meet the Press’, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken threatened that there would be “consequences” against Russia for their continued military buildup and actions in the […]

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Facebook, Twitter Executives Connected To Biden Campaign Amid Social Media Scandal

In what could be seen as collusion to commit election interference, the Biden campaign has hired former social media giant executives to marshal their campaign for the presidency into the […]

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Senate Homeland Security Committee Wants Answers From FBI On Biden Laptop

The chairman of the Senate Homeland Security wants to know when the FBI came to know about both Hunter Biden’s laptop and the information held within. As well as their […]

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