To the Bitter End: Blackface Northam Declares One More COVID Emergency, Lowers Treatment Standards Before Leaving Office

Democrat Governor Ralph Northam has renewed Virginia’s COVID-19 emergency declaration in one of his final acts as Governor, topping off what was widely considered to be one of the worst […]

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COPE AND SEETHE: Leftist Politicians, Pundits, Activist Orgs Cry on Twitter Over Kyle Rittenhouse Acquittal

Democrats, the media, left-wing NGOs, and Twitter blue checks, are coping and seething on social media about Kyle Rittenhouse's recent acquittal.
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New York Magazine Runs Piece About Vaccine Cultists Pretending To Be Unvaccinated To Get 'Bootleg Boosters'

A New York magazine writer named Benjamin Hart wrote a piece entitled “Johnson & Johnson & Regret” in which he complains about being left out of the Biden regime’s initial […]

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