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VIDEO: Patriots March Triumphantly Through Portland During 'End Domestic Terrorism' Rally


Today patriots from around the United States traveled to Portland, Oregon for the “End Domestic Terrorism” rally organized by multiple patriotic organizations amid fears that it would be shut down and the attendees arrested by local police. Video shows Proud Boys and patriots walking and singing through Portland without conflict.

While reports indicated local police and Antifa intended to do anything within their power to stop the rally, the End Domestic Terrorism rally attendees were recorded on video marching and singing triumphantly.


Last night, National File reported that police had already issued arrest warrants for two of the rally’s organizers. Joey Gibson, founder of Patriot Prayer, turned himself into police, while another arrest warrant had reportedly been issued for Haley Adams, who is running for Mayor of Portland.

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The two were wanted for felony incitement of a riot due to events on May 5 of this year.

Additionally, as the organizers reached Portland, they say all communication between them and law enforcement approached a standstill, and the rally seemed like “a set up”.

National File reported:

“I believe it is politically involved,” Huey continued. “They’re holding Joey Gibson until Monday, so well after the rally. They’re trying to scare people and make them think this is going to be some kind of terrorist attack.”

Tarrio agreed, saying “Ted Wheeler wants to make a name for himself so he can come out as a hero before his reelection campaign.”

As a result, the Portland police have seemingly been ordered to find reasons to arrest the event organizers.

“They’re acting like Wheeler’s gestapo,” Tarrio told National File.

Thus far the patriots attending the rally have reportedly not initiated violence, but according to remarks by Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio, multiple leftist protesters and members of Antifa have been arrested.

The event has not totally been free of violence or drama, however.

Journalist Andy Ngo Reportedly Attacked By Antifa In Portland

Peter D’Abrosca reported for The Rundown that a leftist yelled vulgarity at a Proud Boy’s pet dog, leading to a brief scuffle.

The Rundown News reported:

A brief scuffle broke out in Portland, Oregon after Saturday afternoon after a rabid leftist cursed out an innocent golden retriever, apparently belonging to a member of the Proud Boys.

And rightfully so. How dare he bring that innocent animal into the fight for the soul of America. He almost got his ass whooped for his barbaric treatment of that animal. Is nothing sacred to these people?

The dog brushed off the savage attack and kept moving, unbothered by the looming doofus.

National File is continuing to track the events in Portland, and will provide updates as they become available.

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