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VIDEO: Antifa Mob Assaults Random Guy, Shouts 'Go Home Nazi' and 'Death Is Coming'


A video uploaded from Saturday’s ‘End Domestic Terrorism’ rally reveals a group of people, identified by the Proud Boys as Antifa, shouting “Go home Nazi” and “Death is coming” at an unknown man as they shout him down and force him to leave the area.

In the video, a crowd can be seen gathering around a man and shouting him down as they attempt to remove him from the area.

At one point in the video, a member of the crowd is shouting “Get out Nazi, go home Nazi” at the man. Then, while the camera is obscured, the unidentified man says he was “pepper sprayed in the face”.

Presumably streaming to his own social media, the man is heard saying “I was just assaulted.”

“I just got pepper sprayed down here, because I guess I’m not wearing a face mask and a black shirt.” He went on, “I just got pepper sprayed with sh*t or p*ss.”

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“I’m not a Nazi, I’m not even into politics, and I was just assaulted.”

A man then walked toward him until he was only inches from his face, and said “You weren’t assaulted, but death is coming though.”

“Death is coming to your door step,” he continued. “Yeah, that’s the f***king message.”

“Death is coming to your f***king door step.”

At this point in the video, another group from the mob appears to hit him in the back of the neck. It is unclear if it was an open handed slap, or if there was something in the person’s hand.


While the violence during the End Domestic Terrorism rally was isolated to brief instances like this video, at least 13 alleged members of Antifa were arrested by Portland police.

National File reported:

SABATINI: Uniformed Antifa Terrorist Attempted To Bomb 100+ At Florida J6 Rally, Media Complicit

As the smoke clears from the August 17 ‘End Domestic Terrorism’ rally that saw patriot groups and Proud Boys from around the country travel to Portland, Oregon, at least 13 alleged members of Antifa have been arrested, and reportedly, no right wing individuals were apprehended by police.

Gavin McInnes, creator of FreeSpeech.TV and former leader of the Proud Boys, wrote on Telegram, “13 antifa arrested. They are officially your crazy ex-girlfriend. Say you’re going to be somewhere and they go nuts.”

Local media would seem to corroborate McInnes’ claim, as it notes 13 were arrested.

The Proud Boys have pledged to continue traveling to Portland once per month until Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler begins taking Antifa violence seriously.

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