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VIDEO: Antifa Brought Concrete Slabs to 'End Domestic Terrorism' Rally


New video shows Antifa members transport concrete slabs to the Portland ‘End Domestic Terrorism’ rally, then break up the slabs and hurl chunks of concrete and unsuspecting patriots.

August 17 saw patriot groups including The Proud Boys attend an ‘End Domestic Terrorism’ rally in Portland, Oregon, where they were reportedly threatened and attacked by Antifa.

At least 13 alleged members of Antifa were arrested over the weekend, with Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio and former Proud Boys leader Gavin McInnes publicly celebrating the successful event.

However, new video shows police allowed Antifa to transport slabs of concrete, then break them apart. After breaking them into pieces, the Antifa members appear to hurl them at buses carrying Proud Boys and other rally attendees.

Elijah Shaffer, of The Blaze, wrote on Twitter that “We caught Antifa smuggling concrete slabs within a black case then breaking up the slab & using it to throw at buses carrying right wingers stuck in traffic.” He continued, “This is further evidence of their pre-meditated violence & criminal activity in Portland”.

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In a second tweet, Schaffer added that “Someone could have easily been killed by the projectiles. This is extremely dangerous & if you continue to be blinded to the real threat these people pose on public saftey [sic] then you’re purposely being ignorant.”

“Don’t try to defend this”, he concluded.

Over the weekend, National File reported that a man who claims he is completely politically unaffiliated was assaulted and threatened for filming a group of alleged Antifa protesters.

National File reported:

Presumably streaming to his own social media, the man is heard saying “I was just assaulted.”

“I just got pepper sprayed down here, because I guess I’m not wearing a face mask and a black shirt.” He went on, “I just got pepper sprayed with sh*t or p*ss.”

“I’m not a Nazi, I’m not even into politics, and I was just assaulted.”

A man then walked toward him until he was only inches from his face, and said “You weren’t assaulted, but death is coming though.”

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While no Proud Boys or other right wing attendees of the ‘End Domestic Terrorism’ rally were arrested over the weekend, it appears Mayor Ted Wheeler, who exercises direct control over Portland police, has more to accomplish before the city can be considered safe.

In a statement released over the weekend, the Proud Boys pledged to continue traveling to Portland once per month until Wheeler is able to reign in the city’s epidemic of left wing violence.

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