VIDEO: Minneapolis Store Avoids Looting, Protected by Armed Men


Amid the fiery furnace that became of some parts of Minneapolis the last two nights, with National Guard being deployed to prevent more violence at President Donald Trump’s orders, a group of men protected a local store to prevent the violence from reaching its door step.

Two men were interviewed while they protected a local store as looters ransacked a Target store, grabbing headlines over the past couple of days.

They were shown to be carrying their rifles as a deterrent to would-be looters as a multitude of shops, including liquor stores, were broken into and picked apart by uncompromising mobs.

The men explained that the police were less likely to act heavyhandedly whenever there were armed citizens present. The interviewee opined: “I figure it’s about damn time some heavily armed rednecks stood with fellow citizens.”

The clip was introduced in a tweet which read: “WATCH: Armed citizens are attempting to stop looters in Minneapolis “Before there were cops, there were just Americans. So, here we are.” “Justice for Floyd but we don’t support looting…””

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Comments were polarized, with people from both sides of the political aisle weighing in to give their opinions.

One person commented on how the media ran with the armed Michigan lockdown protests, writing: “Isn’t it weird how none of the lockdown protestors looted and rioted? Seems like only one political party is violent and unhinged.”

To which another replied: “Different levels of emotions when on one side folks are protesting because someone was killed by police, while on the other side folks are protesting because they want a fucking haircut.”

In another reply, a third tweeter wrote: “Two things can be true at once: what happened to George Floyd is atrocious and the looting is stupid.”

“Looting is good and revolutionary. corporations steal more from you through minimum wage violations and rest break violations – not to mention the general loss to society from tax evasion – than all the theft, robbery, and burglary annually,” rebutted a fourth person.

The aftermath from last night’s events reduced the twin city to a smoking pile of rubble. Some even compared the city to a nuclear bomb site.

Minneapolis appears to gear up for a second night of looting and rioting as police struggle to contain waves of enraged demonstrators.

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