Black Business Owner Cries After Sports Bar Destroyed by Rioters, Loses Life Savings


A black business owner was reduced to tears after another night of rioting in Minneapolis destroyed his beloved sports bar.

According to the Shore News Network, Score Sports Bar fell victim to rioters on Wednesday’s wave of carnage.

The man, identified as KB Balla, broke down on camera when he discovered his bar was ruined, broken into, and looted by hundreds of rioters descending on the twin city.

He had invested his life savings into the ransacked sports bar.

KB was also a local firefighter as well as an engaging participant in the local community.

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“I don’t know what we’re going to do,” the man let out. “We have worked so hard to get here. So hard.”

Since the video went viral, shocked social media users set up a Go Fund Me page, raising over $100,000, for the distraught man.

He said: “I have been an entrepreneur in the State of Minnesota for many years, and my community really showed their love in the rawest form. Many of you know that Scores Sports Bar was my DREAM. It was all coming together and when COVID-19 hit, the reality of not being able to open for a grand opening was difficult.”

“With the help of my family and friends, I pushed through. To find out that the countless hours, hard work, late nights away from my kids, and family had all been for nothing was soul-shattering. It is not the material things, more so the time that cannot be reclaimed,” he added.

He continued: “While filming for CNN, people came in trying to steal the safe and I wondered what next? My community, that’s what. Strangers showed up with brooms, cleaning supplies, trash bags, and food. They helped me and my family clean up in 20 minutes what would have took days.”

Balla was working his shift with the fire department when he was alerted to the news that his Sports Bar had been destroyed.

The riots will have costed millions of dollars in damages as authorities struggle to contain the spread of the chaos.

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