VIDEOS: 'Eerie' Footage of George Floyd Minneapolis Riots Aftermath Shows Extent of Chaos


Following last night’s chaotic George Floyd riots which saw widespread looting, burning, smashing, destruction of property, and anarchy, Minneapolis’ streets resembled a war zone as a result of the protests.

Footage circulating social media shows the extent to which rioters aimlessly destroyed property in an act of frustration for the death of a suspected fraudster during a brutal botched arrest where a police officer knelt on the suspect’s neck, while he complained about a lack of air, for a total of eight minutes.

Images of a quasi-war-torn Minnesota city rocked the internet as commuters and journalists snapped the shots capturing the aftermath of one of America’s worst riots in several years.

In a tweet captioned, “Hanging wires, flames still burning, gushing water, burnt cars. Across the street from Target,” the eight seconds of film encapsulate much of the damage in the epicenter of last night’s riots that claimed a life as well as eye-watering costs in property damage.

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Some compared the somber images to embattled parts of the Middle East as the first wave of riots saw several buildings engulfed in flames, while looters ceaselessly cleaned out multiple stores, and others smashed windows.

One tweeter even half-jokingly asked if Minneapolis had been hit by a nuclear warhead.

Another tweeter commented: “While Twitter is full of righteous takes, all I heard from Minneapolis residents on Lake Street this morning, including protesters, was more frustration and more sadness. Sirens and helicopters are pretty much nonstop on the south side.”

Pundit Andy Ngo also tweeted about the aftermath, writing: “Fires are still smoldering in Minneapolis this morning. The entire affordable housing development was razed to the ground. Wendy’s and Autozone have been completely destroyed in the riot as well.”

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According to a report from local journalist Liz Navratil: “Minneapolis fire officials said they responded to “approximately 30 fire events including at least 16 structure fires during the protests along Lake St E.” last night and early today.”

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