VIDEO: Minneapolis Rioters Burn Down Low Income Housing Project


Last night, those purportedly protesting the death of George Floyd–a man who was killed in a brutal, heavy-handed, and unnecessarily forceful arrest–descended on Minneapolis to engage in full blown rioting. Many stores and buildings were destroyed in the chaos–and it seems that no one was spared as a low income housing project was filmed engulfed in roaring flames as the rioters indiscriminately spread ruin.

The horrifying footage shows a blazing inferno; sadly one of many in a catalog of distressing images emerging from yesterday’s atrocious manifestations, quickly losing sight of what sparked the riots.

Although destruction was rife, only one fatality was reported as a pawn shop owner shot a suspected looter. And few serious injuries were reported except for footage showing a disabled woman, who allegedly drew a sharp object, was beaten, robbed, and doused in mace and fire extinguisher before getting away with non-life-threatening injuries.

Social media was polarized on some of the footage: some sided with the rioters, calling the looting righteous; others slammed the behavior, likening the rioters to “animals” or even pointing the finger at billionaire globalist philanthropist George Soros to usher in disharmony.

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This morning, the aftermath of the riots left much of the twin city resembling a war-zone. One tweeter even compared Minneapolis to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

“The protesters are grieving. The rioters and looters are opportunists using this tragedy to their advantage and to get a chance to behave like animals,” commented one tweeter.

“Minneapolis Police Chief says many rioters are not from Minneapolis. I smell Soros and his paid bus loads of thugs!” tweeted another.

A third chimed in: “Rioters or opportunists taking advantage of the pre-existing conditions. Hard to tell.”

The general sentiment tended toward anger due to the inescapably violent nature of the “heated protests.”

Although the rioters stole the limelight, there were peaceful assemblies outside the Minneapolis Police Precinct responsible for the fatal arrest.

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