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VIDEO: Black Cop Sucker Punched for Enforcing Social Distancing


A police officer in Washington D.C. attempting to enforce social distancing was struck in a video after squaring up to a defiant man who was arguing with him.

In the clip, the assailant makes his case that nobody was being bothered before taking things up a notch and throwing a meaty right hook at the officer’s face.

The officer had thrown up his hands defensively as the man’s temper visually flared before delivering the blow.

After the punch landed, the police officer attempts to take down the suspect who continues to swing at the arresting officer, who struggles to take down the aspiring pugilist.

The suspect swung again at another officer who came to the aid of the first struck officer as he was on the ground attempting to fell the violent man. Then, the second officer attempts to spray the man with mace before the clip cuts to another scene where the officers give chase behind the suspect.

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The assault reportedly took place in DC with the suspect remanded in custody for the outburst.

“Suspect in custody after sucker-punching DC police officer who was attempting to enforce social distancing rules,” the tweet from Breaking911 read.

Comments were split as some believed the many to be exercising his constitutional rights given how social distancing has sparked a quasi-legal debate in an effort to reduce coronavirus infection rates.

“Stupid laws and officers compelled to enforce them. I wish they would ignore unconstitutional laws. People know, naturally, these laws are immoral. Please officers, do not enforce victimless crimes & unconstitutional laws,” tweeted one account.

“I don’t normally condone violence against law enforcement, but unconstitutional demands of social distancing on a free society is tyranny, no matter how you look at it. The fight has to start somewhere,” tweeted another.

A third chimed in, writing: “Where’s the outrage for this thug punching a police officer?”

Many videos have circulated the internet over the past 24 hours as tensions have flared in Minneapolis over the unlawful killing over a man who died following a brutal arrest. Violence, looting, and arson attacks ravaged the twin city as police struggled to cope with hundreds of incensed demonstrators.

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