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VIDEO: Homeless Man Whose Mattress was Burned By Rioters is Donated New Mattress


An Austin homeless man whose possessions were burned in a heartbreaking video by rioters causing havoc has had his frown turned upside-down as strangers across the internet pitched in to gift the man a new mattress, tent, food, and monetary donations.

In the original post where the man has his belongings torched by heartless rioters on film, National File reported:

Amid the chaos, there appears to be a lit fire until one man runs with a mattress overhead to dump onto the flames.

The livid homeless man attempts to rescue his mattress while screaming “no!” at the rioters before going onto shout: “I live here.”

As he tries to save his mattress from the bonfire, another rioter stands atop the bed to prevent the homeless man from extinguishing the fire.

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The man then storms up to the cameraman to explain that it was his belongings asking, “what the f*** are you doing?”

The happier man proudly showed off what he had been given. He said: “they’ve left me with a tent, a new mattress, air mattress, they brought me food, they brought me clothes, money–you can testify to that.

“Thank you, Austin. I love you, Austin. You’re the best, and I got no hard feelings at all–it was just a bad place at a bad time.”

Social media users were touched by the gestures and the man’s positive response to the outpourings.

A black business owner whose sports bar was destroyed by rioters in Minneapolis has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from thousands of anonymous donors from around the world.

A viral video of the tearful man telling the camera that he had lost everything after investing his life savings toward his dream business.

More footage of destruction leaving several desperate people destitute has emerged in the past few days as tensions rise across America.

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