VIDEO: Texas Rioters Burn Homeless Man's Possessions in Chaos


Another sickening video has been produced from all the carnage to have descended upon America. A homeless man, reportedly from Austin, Texas, had his possessions burned by rioters.

Amid the chaos, there appears to be a lit fire until one man runs with a mattress overhead to dump onto the flames.

The livid homeless man attempts to rescue his mattress while screaming “no!” at the rioters before going onto shout: “I live here.”

As he tries to save his mattress from the bonfire, another rioter stands atop the bed to prevent the homeless man from extinguishing the fire.

The man then storms up to the cameraman to explain that it was his belongings asking, “what the f*** are you doing?”

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The heartbreaking footage shows the despairing man plead with the cameraman as he loses his possessions in the chaos.

One rioter responsible for the fire appears to be struck by a rubber bullet during the incident as he suddenly recoils to the floor.

Social media did not act too kindly to the man’s loss and the rioters’ destructive actions.

“Dude already has almost nothing. They just took the last of it. So they could start a pointless fire,” tweeted one social media user.

A second person wrote: “These are the people campaigning for “justice”.”

A third commented: “That’s the bridge on 7th st under I-35. Huge homeless camp. They burned a car there too.”

“What a beautiful way to honor George Floyd. Very touching tribute,” remarked a fourth.

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Despite the disgraceful actions of the rioters, some pieces of footage circulating social media depicted some rioters falling victim to their own doings.

A Fayetteville rioter accidentally set himself on fire after attempting to throw a Molotov cocktail at a building. He ended up having to run to safety with multiple fellow protesters scrambling to put out the flames.

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