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REPORT: Gun Demand Skyrockets As Buyers Wait Several Hours To Purchase Firearms


As violence grips America, with shocking scenes emerging on social media amid ferocious rioting across major U.S. cities, civilian interest in gun ownership is reportedly increasing–as illustrated by huge reported waiting times outside of a Long Island gun store.

Since chaos erupted last week, the Second Amendment has become something of a prominent talking point aside from the predominant Black Lives Matter movement, as many horrified social media users witness mass-scale looting and, in some cases, severe beatings of store owners for protecting their businesses.

Many have predicted a rise in prospective gun ownership as a direct result as fears surrounding riots spilling over into the suburbs become apparent.

According to a report, waiting times for those queuing outside a Long Island gun shop were as long as four hours as many have begun to fear for their safety.

In a tweet captioned, “Line up for a gun shop in Long Island right now. +50 people and over a 2 hour wait,” a photo showing people patiently lining up to buy a personal defense weapon.

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The Clarion Project account later updated their initial tweet in the comments, writing: “the wait line is up to four hours.”

The recent protests have become politicized by social media users and the media alike, with both pushing certain narratives surrounding the recent incidents.

One commenter, referring to concerned New Yorker gun owners, wrote: “..and then most of them will go and vote Democrat. An overwhelmingly sad situation…”

“When you realize you need a gun, it is often too late,” tweeted another.

Store owners began taking matters into their own hands as the authorities were stretched beyond their limits by the riots across dozens of major U.S. cities.

In Philadelphia, a gun store owner shot an armed looter dead as he and a group of other men entered the store.

A Minneapolis pawn shop owner landed himself in hot water after shooting a suspected looter dead as the man fled the scene.

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