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VIDEO: Defense Says Kyle Rittenhouse Had The Right To 'Be Unmolested By The Likes Of' Convicted Pedophile Joseph Rosenbaum

“He has as much right to go there as anybody else in the city of Kenosha, and be unmolested by the likes of Joseph Rosenbaum”

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'Total Coward': Pundits Dunk On LeBron James After He Mocks Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse broke down in tears and began hyperventilating when he took the stand on Wednesday. The Kenosha teenager is standing trial for murder after shooting and killing two rioters […]

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Rittenhouse Trial: Social Media Influencer Testifies That Pedo Joseph Rosenbaum Rushed Teen, Was Acting 'Erratic'

Social media influencer Koerri Washington, who was live streaming the night three rioters were allegedly shot by Kyle Rittenhouse, testified during Rittenhouse’s trial on Tuesday. Washington told jurors he made […]

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BREAKING: New Footage Shows Moment Kyle Rittenhouse Was Attacked By Rosenbaum, Ziminski

New footage shows the moment Kyle Rittenhouse was attacked by a group of rioters on August 24, 2020. The teenager can be seen, by himself, walking down a road while […]

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