PHOTOS: Crenshaw Publicly Calls Pro-Trump Critics 'Democrats,' Privately Sucks Up To Moms Demand Action


Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) engaged in one of his signature emotionally charged tweet storms this week, viciously attacking highly respected Pro-Trump activists such as Michelle Malkin and Lin Wood for questioning the GOP establishment’s directive to concede the presidential election and dutifully move on to vote in the Senate runoffs.

One of Crenshaw’s favorite insults for his critics is “Democrat,” which rings hollow given his own history of cozying up to left-wing extremist groups.

In August 2019, National File’s Managing Editor unearthed a photograph of Dan Crenshaw schmoozing with no less than five members of Moms Demand Action, during a private meeting with the the Bloomberg-founded anti-Constitution extremist group.

In the photo, members of Moms Demand Action are seen flanking and towering over the diminutive Crenshaw, who stands smiling with hands clasped together against the corner of a blue-walled room.

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National File was able to trace the origin of the image to a tweet on February 20 from a Moms Demand Action member captioned, “Texas @MomsDemand across the state are meeting with their representatives and staff to introduce themselves and talk about #redflag laws, #BeSmart and the passage of #HR8. We must #KeepGoing, they now #ExpectUs.”

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While the tweet has since been deleted, National File was able to verify that Moms Demand Action did indeed hold a group meeting on the day the photograph was posted to Twitter.

Though Crenshaw’s support base was quick to downplay the significance of the pro-Red Flag Law Representative’s meeting with a liberal activist group when the photo first surfaced, the implications seem much more ominous today given Crenshaw’s recent anti-MAGA tweet frenzy.

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Crenshaw’s angry social media posts and support for bills that empower Big Tech, strip away gun rights, and make a mockery of American heritage have not served to increase his favorability amongst the stridently pro-Trump Republican base.

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In fact, the Texas Representative’s tweets have unified an incredibly large swath of Republican voters who have come together to publicly castigate Crenshaw for his offensive rhetoric.

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