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Jen Kiggans Presents Red Flag Supporting, Monument Destroying Dan Crenshaw with Gift for 'Fighting' the Radical Left

The award came despite Crenshaw’s history of repeatedly siding with the radical left against the Constitution, American history, President Trump, and millions of lawful American voters.

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BREAKING: Dan Crenshaw Tells Republicans ‘Don’t Kid Yourself’ Into Believing Trump Won, ‘Absolutely Not’ A Stolen Election

Dan Crenshaw said Republicans shouldn't "kid" themselves into believing that Trump won the election, claiming there was "absolutely not" enough voter fraud
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Wyoming GOP Publishes Letter To Liz Cheney, Warns Her To Start Listening To Her Constituents

In a public letter to Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), who voted to impeach President Donald Trump yesterday, the Wyoming Republican Party said the “whirlwind” provoked by Cheney caused their phones […]

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PHOTOS: Crenshaw Publicly Calls Pro-Trump Critics 'Democrats,' Privately Sucks Up To Moms Demand Action

Crenshaw is one of the most flagrantly liberal Republicans to ever hold a House seat, but masquerades as a hardline internal affairs agent who roots out hidden Democrats in pro-Trump circles

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