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EXCLUSIVE: Congressman Dan Bishop Has Video Evidence of 'Egregious Misconduct by Election Officials'


Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) told National File that he has video evidence of “egregious” election misconduct in his own district. However, North Carolina voter fraud did not affect the outcome of his own election, which he won with a resounding 10% margin of victory.

“There are troubling indications of ballot problems with elections in various states,” Bishop said. “I know of egregious misconduct by election officials in my own district, including video footage I’m in possession of which we’ve received by public information request and are currently reviewing to make conclusions.”

Bishop has served as congressman for North Carolina’s 9th District since he won a special election on September 10, 2019.

That seat had remained vacant for nearly a year before his victory because the November 2018 election result had been overturned after Democrats alleged serious and coordinated voter fraud.

He won despite a $500,000 effort by Anti-Trump activists to falsely smear him as a promoter of hate speech. The basis for this smear was a $500 crowd-funding contribution to Gab, a start-up social media site marketed explicitly as a free speech platform that was later criticized for allowing extremist speech. Bishop is a well-known defender of free speech and critic of Big Tech censorship.

VIDEO: Angry White Women Yell 'Black Lives Matter' While Reportedly Assaulting Black Man Over Mask Etiquette In Elevator

North Carolina’s Senate race has been called for Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) by most major media outlets and, yesterday, his Democrat challenger Cal Cunningham conceded defeat.

However, ballots are still being counted for the presidential campaign in North Carolina. Republicans are alleging serious and massive voter fraud in other swing states but, so far, there is little discussion about North Carolina voter fraud.

The Trump Campaign is currently filing lawsuits in various states after videos of poll watchers turned awaywitness accounts of ballot-stuffing and serious statistical anomalies emerged casting doubt on Vice President Joe Biden’s rapid swing-state comeback in the days after the November 3rd election.

In addition, glitches in voting software gave tens of thousands of Trump votes to Biden and various groups found indications that massive numbers of ballots were cast for dead voters in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

RIchard Baris – who the New York Post recently featured for being one of the most accurate pollsters of 2016 and 2020 – confirmed that just under 10,000 absentee ballots for dead voters were received in Michigan in a “small” test he conducted.

When asked about the controversy over wider voter fraud allegations in 2020, Congressman Bishop responded:

If various states’ elections are close and there was a litigation effort [on behalf of Democrats] to subvert enacted law and election process, that’s wrong and contrary to the rule of law. If there is clear misconduct, and it appears there is, whatever the president’s lawyers are able to make of it, they should be allowed to, and that process should play out.

I think every candidate who is in a position to do so should pursue appropriate litigation to assure rights and rule of law.

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