PENNSYLVANIA: Voters, Poll Watchers Turned Away As Election Irregularities Mount


As Election Day proceeds into the afternoon, multiple irregularities and accusations of fraud are emanating from Pennsylvania, where registered voters claim they are being turned away, a poll watcher was recorded being turned away, and a poll worker says she’s thrown out over 100 votes for President Donald Trump.

In a video provided to National File, a Pennsylvania woman in Lehigh Valley explains “While I was at the polls today, three people were denied their right to vote, one including my father, because of application or registration processing errors.” She added, “We all had our voter registration cards, but the three people who were denied their right to vote weren’t actually in the system and weren’t able to vote.”

“I have never seen anybody et denied their right to vote because of a processing error and them not being actually in the system when they have their voter registration card that they received in the mail,” she went on. “I know for a fact that me and my father, we registered to vote together.”

In a text exchange discussing her experience, the same woman wrote that “They said that there was a user cancellation for his registration because he moved out of state,” she wrote. “I said he has been living at this address since February of 2020 and has voted in every single election since he was 18.”

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“I said it’s odd they processed my entire families [sic] registrations – all women voters, my mother, my sister, and myself,” she added, “But not my 60 years old white American father.”

National File also reported on a poll watcher who was recorded being turned away from a polling location when he tried to observe the election process to prevent fraud. National File reported:

Will Chamberlain, the editor-in-chief for Human Events, captured several instances of improper and illegal activity at Philadelphia polling places.

One poll watcher with Republican credentials was denied entrance to a Philly polling place.

There is also strong evidence of obvious electioneering in Philadelphia, as campaigners have been photographed handing out literature inside polling stations and venturing inside voting booths with voters.

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Also on Tuesday, a post went viral showing a social media user claim to be throwing away hundreds of Trump ballots in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania election officials later claimed this person is not affiliated with them.

This article has been updated to include accurate information about the Instagram post claiming to toss Trump votes.

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