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FRAUD: Michigan Knowingly Issued Ballots For Dead People, Including 118 Year Old Born In 1902


That voter fraud is happening in Michigan is a provable given. Now comes news that seven people older than the oldest recorded person still alive today voted in Michigan this election cycle; seven verifiable dead people voted in Michigan in the 2020 General Election.

While the former Secretary of State for Michigan, Ruth Johnson, a Republican, accepted and used federal dollars to harden the election system and purge voters rolls of dead people and those no longer living in the state, the current Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson,  a Democrat, has reversed those updates and safeguards.

According to Benjamin Wetmore at Gateway Pundit, “At least seven Michigan voters were sent live absentee ballots whose voter registration records their birth year as prior to 1902. As of Monday, five were recorded as having been returned and counted.”

The oldest person alive today was born in 1903, therefore, each of these Michigan “voters” must reside in a cemetery.

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Wetmore goes on to say that Benson was condemned earlier this year when she was caught repeatedly – and after being notified about – sending ballot applications to people who were recorded as deceased in Michigan state databases.

One mail vendor who regularly contracts with the State of Michigan – and specifically Benson, said that it appears that the Secretary nullified all of the voter roll purging under the previous Republican Secretary of State and, instead reverted the the rolls that existed prior to the dead and moved voter purge.

As of this writing the vote totals stand at 2,790,648 (50.56%) for Democrat Joe Biden and 2,644,528 (47.91%) for Republican President Donald Trump.

The Trump campaign has filed lawsuits alleging massive voter fraud in the State of Michigan.

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