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After Pedophilia Accusations, Delaware Cops Refer Hunter Biden Laptop Case To FBI


The Delaware State Police announced on Wednesday that they had referred the case of Hunter Biden’s laptop to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), following allegations that Hunter Biden’s hard drive contained sex tapes of him with underage girls.

“In light of ongoing questions about the credibility of these claims and multiple reports that the FBI is investigating their veracity, law enforcement is referring this matter to the FBI,” a spokesman for Delaware State Police told Newsweek.

The decision comes in the wake of a recent interview that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani – the individual who initially obtained the hard drive – did with Newsmax TV. During the interview, Giuliani claimed there was explicit footage of underage girls on the hard drive, along with suggestions in text message logs from the drive that Hunter had Facetimed naked with a 14 year old girl.

National File editor-in-chief Tom Pappert reported on the situation:

According to a text message exchange Giuliani says was exchanged between Joe and Hunter, Kathleen Biden, the widow of Beau Biden and former paramour of Hunter, accused him of behaving sexually inappropriately around children and could not be trusted around them due to his promiscuity and drug use. Additionally, in his appearance Giuliani claimed there were multiple photos of “underage girls” on the laptop.

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In the Text message exchange, which appeared on screen during the Newsmax interview, Hunter tells his father that Kathleen told his “therapist that I was sexually inappropriate with [unnamed 14-year-old girl],” and that, according to Kathleen, he “face timed naked with her” and the reason he is not allowed visits with this person is because she fears he will “walk around naked smoking crack taljing [sic] [redacted] girls on face time.”

Democrats have responded to the release of content from Hunter Biden’s hard drive by claiming that it was a Russian disinformation operation.

“Russia is once again seeking to benefit Donald Trump’s election campaign by denigrating Joe Biden with attacks the Treasury Department described as, ‘false and unsubstantiated narratives’ … designed to culminate prior to Election Day,”  said a spokesman for the Democrat Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), in a statement provided to Newsweek.

The hard drives also revealed abuse of his father’s position by Hunter Biden, the nature of the relationship between Hunter and his father, and imagery of Hunter’s drug use. Past reports from One America News Network and Revolver News have indicated there may well be far more shocking material on the hard drive than what has already been revealed.

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