Woman Who Cut Off Rapist's Penis Avoids Arrest


A woman who was alone at home when she was attacked by an alleged rapist has, so far, avoided arrest after cutting off the man’s penis.

The man, who is claimed to have been engaged to marry another woman, allegedly attacked the woman when she was home alone on January 30, according to police.

The victim, a 25-year-old woman from Faisalabad, Pakistan, told police that the 28-year-old would-be rapist broke into her home and overpowered her before she managed to break free to run to her kitchen where she grabbed a knife to dismember the alleged rapist’s member.

Following the genital mutilation, the man was rushed to hospital in Faisalabad, which lies in Eastern Pakistan.

The Daily Star reports that, according to Assistant Superintendent of Police Jaranwala Bilal Sulehri, the man was one of the woman’s neighbors, indicating that the two previously knew each other.

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A police spokesperson confirmed that the assailant’s penis had, indeed, been cut off.

The Mirror reported that the man has since been released from hospital.

The woman has not been arrest and an ongoing investigation has been opened into the incident.

In Pakistan several rapes are believed go unreported and men often receive weak punishments if a conviction is reached.

Women and girls are particularly vulnerable–especially in more lawless rural areas dominated by religious extremism and superstition.

Last year, National File reported on a case where a young girl was stoned to death by tribe elders for expressing a wish to elope independent of her family’s wishes.


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