PELOSI FOR PRISON: Republican Challenger Flies Banner Over San Francisco


DeAnna Lorraine, a Republican challenger to Nancy Pelosi in 2020, flew a big “Pelosi for Prison” banner over the skies of San Francisco on Thursday.

Lorraine is running against Speaker Pelosi in her San Francisco seat in November. A former “relationship counselor turned outspoken political & culture warrior,” she had become “so frustrated with the country and current establishment leaders” that she felt she had to run for Congress, and who better to run against than Pelosi herself?

She tweeted on Thursday that it was time to “look into Speaker Pelosi for HER crimes against America,” now that the President had been exonerated in his impeachment trial, and attached a photo of a 25ft by 80 ft “Pelosi for Prison” banner that she flew over Pelosi’s district.

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The link on the banner goes to a petition site,, where Lorraine describes Pelosi as an “alleged violator of our constitution,” that she “undermines our nation for partisan fantasy,” and “uses her power for personal financial gain.”

The reception on Twitter to the banner was overwhelmingly positive, with many tweeting out images of the plane and banner with the hashtag #PelosiForPrison:

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Speaking to the National File, Lorraine said she was running for Congress to “clean out the corruption that is Nancy Pelosi”:

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Instead of caring for the people of San Francisco and advancing their issues on a national scale, she spends her time conducting asinine impeachments, petulant theatrical tantrums and ripping apart the President’s State of the Union Speech. It’s past time we start hitting her hard on her record of poor leadership and egregious crimes against America, and I look very much forward to retiring her in November.

Lorraine also slammed Pelosi’s behaviour at the State of Union in a recent interview:

She couldn’t even stand for Rush Limbaugh, for veterans, for reuniting families, for the lowest unemployment rate, for minorities, for blacks, for asians, heck, even for women, who she claims to be for and support. She couldn’t stand for 7 million Americans off of food stamps, she looked disgusted actually, and so did the rest of her Democrat minions dressed in white. It is so clear that she is not for Americans – she doesn’t want us to be prosperous, healthy, and wealthy and independent. She wants us dependent on the government, she wants to be able to control us, that’s what the left wants, she wants socialism, and anyone who can’t see that is blind or wilfully ignorant! It’s time to put the spotlight on her. Tick tock Nancy!

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