VIDEO: Woman Uses Police Badge and Gun for Free Snacks, Cries Racism When Busted - Police


A Gwinnett County, Georgia woman was pulled over for a broken right brake light, the first in a series of events that led police to discover she allegedly borrowed her friend’s badge and gun in order to get free snacks at QuikTrip.

The woman was quizzed by the police officer about her badge and gun.

She responded, stating that she worked for “DCS,” but was unable to provide the officer with any further details about her alleged position within that department.

After a while, the woman denied working for DCS’ She had taken issue with the officer’s line of questioning in trying to determine her employer.

She then claims the officer was racially motivated, stating “so because a black person walks into a store with a badge and a gun, it’s an issue.”

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The officer answered, “it has nothing to do with you being black.”

The woman then asserted that she was an officer, but not a police officer.

According to the woman, another reason why she was pulled over was because the police officer did not recognize her.

According to Breaking911

A police officer is out of a job and her friend faces felony charges after the officer let her friend borrow her badge and gun to get free snacks from QuikTrip, police said.

From the video, the officer who loaned the woman–revealed as “Petra Egerton,” by the officer–according to the video was a certain “Brandi Green.”

Egerton was also accused of stealing the snacks from QuikTrip–as she impersonated a police officer in order to obtain them. She has reportedly been fired from the police department.

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