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VIDEO: Argentinian Cowboys Use Bullwhips On Vegan Activists At Rodeo


A viral video showing vegan activists being humiliated and chased out of a rodeo ring by Argentinian cowboys is getting a lot of traction on YouTube and LiveLeak.

Gauchos do not take kindly to having their rodeo festivities broken up by screaming and sign-waving, a group of vegan protesters in Argentina learned last week.

The footage was first posted to LiveLeak, then modified versions were posted to YouTube, all with the following caption:

Vegans stage protest during a rodeo…

Argentinian cowboys put their whips to good use..

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“Vegan and Animal Rights Activists Stage Protest at Exposición Rural.
This Saturday at La Exposición de Gandadería, – commonly known as Expo Rural – more than 40 vegan activists staged a peaceful protest interrupting a dressage contest.
The activists walked onto the central track, bearing posters with slogans against the exploitation of animals.

Less than a minute later, a tense and violent altercation ensued: using their horses, gauchos ran them off and out of the area.
Most audience members repudiated the protest, erupting in applause when the activists were kicked off”

Three separate videos of the incident were later edited together and posted to YouTube, as seen below.

Audience members also appeared to join in on the fracas, throwing protestors out of the event area by the collars and kicking them.

When the last remaining vegans were herded out of the arena the crowd erupted into cheers as music blared in the background.

It’s unknown what the activists expected to happen when they poured onto the field chanting and waving yellow signs, but given Argentina’s deep tradition and passion for gaucho culture the end result can hardly be considered surprising.

National File recently reported on other vegan shenanigans in Spain, where ‘anti-speciesist transfeminists’ made headlines for segregating roosters from hens to avoid avian sex crimes.

Via National File:

UK: Veganism Becomes Protected Philosophical Belief, Mocking Vegans May Constitute Crime

Almas Veganas, a vegan group from Girona, Spain, are an anti-speciesist and transfeminist group who were recently seen in a viral video separating hens from cockerels and smashing eggs because they didn’t ‘want the hens to be raped.’

The group from the north-east of Spain, in Catalonia, surprised social media users with their actions but expressed a desire to prevent the hens from being subjected to rape from the cockerels.

The group also smashed the eggs, claiming that they ‘belonged to the hens.’

They suggested that the hens had been genetically modified to produce an unnatural number of eggs for human consumption.

Veganism continues to be a polarizing lifestyle around the world, and many practitioners are finding non-Western countries are far more inhospitable toward their agenda than the United States.



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