VIDEO: Voters Told That Voting Machines Down In Scranton, Ballots Will Be Scanned "Later"


Election workers have told voters in Scranton, Pennsylvania that the voting machines have stopped working, and instead they should manually fill out ballots that will be scanned “later” on.

A report by Twitchy revealed election workers in Scranton are now telling voters that the voting machines are no longer working. As crowds of voters built up in the critical pro-Trump blue collar city, election workers told them to manually fill ballots out, and promised voters that the election workers, many of whom are left-wing Democrats, would scan their choices into the machines at a later time.

In a video clip released by entrepreneur and political commentator Mike Coudrey, a Sheriff’s deputy present at the polling location told the crowd that “someone is on their way to fix [the voting machines]”.

“I don’t know where he’s coming from,” the deputy added, affirming that he had no idea when the machines would be fixed.

The election worker then made a statement to the crowd.

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“Here’s the deal – if you are in line right now, and did not vote – you have a choice,” he said. “You may continue to wait, or you can leave and come back later on to vote later.”

He then brought up a third option, which involved the election workers being entrusted with scanning in the ballots.

“The third option is this: find your name in the book, vote, put the vote in the emergency slot of each machine and it will be scanned once the machine is unjammed,” he added.

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Previously, an election worker in Pennsylvania wrote on social media that she would be “ruthless” in her drive to “end the GOP permanently.” This raises the question as to whether election workers in the state can be trusted to honestly scan the Scranton ballots. In nearby Michigan, election workers were told by their state-appointed instructors to dispose of provisional ballots and expel poll workers.

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Pennsylvania is one of the most important swing states in today’s election, with polling showing a remarkably close race. Though Joe Biden originates from neighboring Delaware, Trump’s pro-jobs economic nationalism has substantial in industrial parts of Pennsylvania, including Scranton, which led him to a shock win in the state in 2016. However, there have been many complications so far in the 2020 vote in Pennsylvania, with the USPS losing a substantial number of ballots in rural, Republican-dominated parts of the state.

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