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DEACE: 'This Is A Coup' With Biden Getting 'Chavez-Like Totals'


Blaze TV talk show host and conservative activist Steve Deace tweeted early this morning that he believes the media’s play to delay election results in key Democrat counties in key swing states late on Tuesday night amounts to a “coup.”

“This is a coup,” Deace tweeted, echoing millions of American voters and President Trump himself after the Biden campaign seemed to experience a massive reversal of political fortune, “garnering Chavez-like totals in the dead of night.”

Deace, an influential Iowa-based radio talk show host who is likely to play a key role in determining the Republican nominee for president in 2024, has recently taken a hard-line stance in favor of President Trump’s more bellicose approach to politics.

“We need warriors who will punish those who seek to destroy America,” Deace wrote days ahead of the election. “Nice has gotten us nowhere.”

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Deace’s hard-line stance has begun to look forward in perspective as well, with an eye toward deploying state power to rein in illegal Democrat power grabs.

“Unless we begin punishing Leftists politically for their radicalism beyond just voting against them, they will succeed in plunging the country into a civil war,” he wrote in a recent Facebook post.

In addition to his hardline election stance, Deace has recently called for heightened scrutiny on Biden family corruption and lawlessness in Delaware, particularly in the case of Hunter Biden.

“Would somebody not named Biden who broke Delaware’s gun laws such as this have been charged when the Bidens weren’t?” Deace asked in a Facebook post sharing a bombshell report detailing a domestic incident involving Beau Biden’s widow and Hunter Biden’s reported girlfriend, Hallie Biden, who took a gun from Hunter’s vehicle and placed it in a garbage can outside a supermarket.



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