VIDEO: Thugs Throw Firework at Homeless Man Before Running Away Laughing


A viral video has circulated social media as a thug lights a firework before throwing it at a defenseless, unexpecting homeless man, who was sleeping under covers on the street, before running off laughing.

The short clip, dubbed “sad and criminal,” shows a smiling man laugh as he lights and throws a live firework at a man sleeping on the concrete, appearing to hit him in the face.

The video made the rounds across social media with conservative former actor James Woods tweeting out the footage as well as other verified accounts.

The 66-year-old victim suffered minor burns, according to NYPD, reported Fox5, as two others filming are heard laughing at the sickening incident.

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Viewers looked on in disgust at the cruel, inhumane act found funny by the perpetrator and amateur cameramen recording on their phones.

The Sergeants Benevolent Association wrote:

“Homeless man literally set on fire last night on the streets in Brooklyn. Take a close look NOT one person can be seen defending this victim. Not one person seemed to care no protesters to condemn no news media to tell the story.”

NYPD Chief Terence Monahan tweeted: “The inhumanity of this crime is shocking to everyone who watches. The NYPD WILL apprehend those responsible for using fireworks to assault our fellow New Yorker in #Harlem yesterday.”

Police are still searching for the suspects responsible for this heinous assault.

During the George Floyd riots, National File reported on a homeless man whose possessions, including his mattress, were burned by rioters out to cause chaos.

The pleaded homeless man angrily addresses the cameraman in the original footage.

Since the arson attack, claiming the homeless man’s possessions, strangers from across America who saw the footage came together to launch a crowdfund for the homeless man, buying him a new mattress, a tent, monetary donations, and food.

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