VIDEO: White Woman Yells At Black Cops About 'Racism,' Says They're 'Part Of The Problem'


Video footage shows a white woman associated with the Black Lives Matter movement berating two black police officers, and insinuating that they are racist, even after being confronted by a bystander.

In the video, the woman can be seen standing in front of the two black cops in a sports bra, holding a sign that reads, “Police The Police.”

“Would you take off your uniform, are you scared of the police?” she can be heard shouting.

“I have a question for you,” a bystander filming the encounter via camera phone asks the woman. “You’re white and you’re telling this to two black police officers. Do you see the problem with that, a little bit?”

“Well, um, no, I don’t, because you know what, just because I’m white, and I haven’t experienced racism myself, doesn’t mean I can’t fight for justice!” the woman shrills.

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“They’re a part of the system, they’re a part of the problem,” she continues, gesturing at the police officers. “Just ’cause they’re black doesn’t mean they’re not a part of the problem.”

“Gotcha,” the man responds, but the woman continues to rant, “I’m allowed to say this to whoever! Because I’m white. Racism is a white person’s problem. Racism is my problem. I need to fix it. That’s why I’m here, talking to all of them. Black, white, f**king brown, purple.”

The video can be seen below.

Anti-police sentiment  has been a key component of the Black Lives Matter movement throughout its history, but the movement has recently branched out into the desecration of statues and national monuments, such as the World War Two memorial.

On Monday, police in Washington, D.C. repelled a mob that was trying to pull down a statue of President Andrew “Old Hickory” Jackson in Lafayette Park. Multiple vandals were taken into custody.

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