VIDEO: Reps. Jim Jordan, Scott Perry Stand With Trump, Slam 'Impeachment Attempt Number Three'


Representatives Jim Jordan and Scott Perry defended the integrity of the election and slammed what amounts to “impeachment attempt number three.”

Appearing on Fox News, Jordan and Perry, representatives from Ohio and Pennsylvania respectively, slammed the state of the election as a “horrific embarassment,” with the multiple reports of voting irregularities and potential fraud.

Jordan said that Perry, himself, and “lots of other Americans are out fighting for this President for making sure that this election is fair, that only legitimate and legal votes are counted”:

We want all votes counted, but they’ve got to be legitimate, they’ve got to be legal. Not illegitimate votes, not votes that come after the election with no distinguishable postmark date… That’s craziness, so we’re out their fighting, and I know lots of Americans are doing the same.”

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Perry described the election in Pennsylvania, where President Trump currently has a narrow lead according to votes reported, as a “horrific embarassment” for Pennsylvania, along with the country at large:

For two hundred and thirty three years, Americans have found their way to vote – through foreign wars, through civil wars, through pandemics and natural disasters, before we even had cars. Now in the 21st Century we can’t find a way to do this, and even in one of the counties that are counting the votes in my race, they’ve stopped again for the night… In Philadelphia they’re defying the court order – they won’t let people watch! We just want to observe. We’re not saying only Republicans, anybody should be able to watch! This is not their process, this is our process, this is the American people’s process!

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The representative from Pennsylvania asked how anybody could have trust in the process when the election is being counted behind closed doors, referring to an event in Detroit where windows around the absentee ballot count were covered up with cardboard. He argued that “nobody believes” when hundreds of thousands of votes show up that just “all happen to be for Joe Biden.”

In Nevada, counting is still going on, and will likely still be counting for days to come. “Why is it that our state of Ohio can be done on election night, a state of eleven and a half million people… but Nevada for the last 48 hours, a state a third of our size, hasn’t given us one update on the vote tally in their state?” Jordan asked. “Why is it always Democrat run cities in swing states that have all kinds of problems and take days and days and days to get us the vote count?”

Perry simply said that what is happening now is attempt number three to eject Donald Trump from the office of President of the United States. “We had Russian collusion, then the impeachment, so this is just the third large attempt,” Perry said:

When you have states like Nevada who literally put a law in place where nobody can watch any of the counting… all these mail-in votes and ballots, how does anybody know who signed them, where they came from, there is no way to check and reconcile that whatsoever by law! That is set up for failure and for, quite honestly, dictatorial rule and tyranny.

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