VIDEO: Nevada Official Says Voters Who Didn't Sign Mail-In Ballots Have Until November 12 To Sign Them


Nevada Voter Registrar Joe Gloria says he anticipates the bulk of the mail-in ballots to be sent in by Saturday or Sunday, but says voters who mailed their ballot without signing it have until November 12, the final day when ballots can be received, to contact his office and sign them.

Days after the election with no determined winner, many states including Nevada are delaying declaring a candidate victory while mail-in ballots continue to come in.

“We have a group of voters who are ID required for one reason or another. The deadline for those voters to get back to us is Friday November 6 at 5:00 p.m. so that is another group of ballots that will need to put into the system one they have come in to provide their ID.”

Gloria announced that the care process in Nevada will allow voters who didn’t sign ballots or whose signatures did not match their record would have until Thursday to cure their ballot.

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President Trump has been warning the American people of the likelihood that mail-in ballots due to the coronavirus protocols would be taken advantage of to commit fraud. On the night of the election President Trump addressed this issue to the American people.

This possibility appears to have been realized with evidence of mail-in fraud being reported across the United States.

As the numbers started to come in on Election Night and well into the morning so did the evidence that ballots were destroyed, people were being turned away from the voting booths without being offered provisional ballots, and individuals were reporting that deceased people could be found with accepted mail-in ballot confirmations.

In Michigan a whistle blower who works for the Post office reached out to James O’Keefe at Project Veritas to inform the voter that the postal workers were told to separate mail-in ballots from the mail to be stamped the day of the election and not the day it was. This was on November 4th, the day after mail-in ballots would be accepted.

Trump-Hating Virginia Elections Director Says Tuesday's Results May 'Have To Wait Until Friday' Because Of Mail-In Votes

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