'WHAT ARE YOU HIDING': Trump Campaign Says Philly Sheriff Won't Enforce Order Allowing GOP Observers


Respected Republicans lawyers and members of the Trump campaign briefly addressed the media today in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the campaign won a court case allowing the Republican Party to monitor the vote counting, which they now say is not being enforced by the sheriff.

In a statement to the media, Pam Bondi said “We’re not going away, and now we are going to take further remedy to fix this.”

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski top Republican lawyer Pam Bondi addressed the press in Philadelphia, where they say Republicans are were still being kept from keeping an eye on the ballot count. They are being denied access to view the count despite being presented with a court order. The Sheriff has also refused to come down and enforce the court order, provoking a fiery speech in which Lewsndowski questioned, “What are you hiding?”

“It’s unbelievable what they are trying to do to our votes that have been legally cast. Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican your legal votes must be tabulated. They will not let us see anything. They are trying to drown us out now where we can’t be heard. We’re not going away, and now we are going to take further remedy to fix this.

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As previously reported by the National File, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and the Trump campaign recently sued over voter fraud in Florida. “Giuliani said that the paper ballots could be from Mars, or from the Democratic National Committee,” said Giuliani assured that NO Republicans have seen the paper ballots being used by Democrat election officials.”

The Trump campaign was successful in the lawsuit that was ultimately filed in Philadelphia. This ruling should have allowed Republicans the cases to get election observes into the vote count rooms. However, the court order has been ignored by those working to count the mail-in ballots, and without the support of the Sheriff, the only option they have left is to try to stick around anyway.

Pennsylvania is a critical battleground state for President Trump and preventing the observation of the mail-in count leaves republicans with no reason to believe that the people counting these ballots have something to hide.

“Whether you voted for Donald Trump or Joe Biden everybody has the right to witness what has transpired here,” said Lewandowski. “This makes it look like a kangaroo court.”

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