VIDEO: Prosecutor Says Rioter Was Justified In 'Stomping' Rittenhouse's Head Because All He Used 'Was One Foot'


During an exchange during the ongoing Kyle Rittenhouse homicide trial on Wednesday, Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger justified the actions of a rioter who attempted to stomp Rittenhouse’s head in, telling jurors “All he uses is one foot, correct?” Binger repeatedly downplayed the actions of rioters who attempted to strike, kick, stomp, bludgeon with a skateboard, and shoot the teen, while mocking the idea that Rittenhouse was legally justified to defend himself with deadly force.

BINGER: “If you hit him with one of those [shots] wouldn’t you agree it’s a pretty strong likelihood you’re gonna kill him?”

RITTENHOUSE: “I don’t know.’

BINGER: “Did that even factor into your mind at that point? Did you care whether you were gonna kill him or not?”

RITTENHOUSE: “I didn’t want to have to kill anybody, I was being attacked, that’s why I shot him – shot at him.”

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BINGER: “You shot at him with the intent of hitting him and killing him, correct?”

RITTENHOUSE: “I didn’t want to kill anybody.”

BINGER: “Then why are you shooting at someone with an AR-15 at close range, if you don’t want to kill him?”

RITTENHOUSE: “Because he’s attacking me and stomping my face in and jumping and kicking my face.

BINGER: “You didn’t see any weapons on that person, did you? You didn’t see a gun, you didn’t see a knife, you didn’t see a bat or a club, all he uses is one foot, correct?”

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