VIDEO: Man Calmly Works Out at Planet Fitness Amid Minneapolis Riots


Several shocking images have emerged from Minneapolis in the past few days as the city is rocked by riots, looting, burning, and chaos following the in-custody death of a black man suspected of committing fraud.

However, none other than the mask-clad man nonchalantly working out in a Minnesota Planet Fitness franchise captivated social media’s attention.

The man, wearing a coronavirus protective face mask, a baseball cap, and coolly strutting on the elliptical machine in the damaged premises as the city was shrouded in chaos.

The footage–perfectly apt for the current year–encapsulates a year brimming with unexpected turns as several businesses closed down in a bid to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

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“He hasn’t worked out in 30+ years and now that we in a pandemic wanna break into a gym,” commented one tweeter.

Another said: “Even Dave Chappelle couldn’t make a skit crazier than 2020.”

“You can’t skip leg day,” joked a third.

While several remarks joked about the footage, the footage remains in stark contrast with the chaos other images from the city depict.

The aftermath from the first night’s rioting were something akin to a war zone as parts of Minneapolis had been reduce to smoldering rubble.

President Trump has come out and blasted Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey for his handling of the riots.

Reports of “hundreds” of protesters traveling to Minneapolis have come to light as the twin city gears up for another night of chaos.

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