VIDEO: CNN Headquarters in Atlanta Destroyed by Protesters


Footage has emerged showing the CNN Headquarters building in Atlanta, Georgia, being vandalized as waves of protests are reported across America following the in-custody killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police.

Several images depicting scenes of violence, fire, and destruction have circulated social media as Minneapolis gears up for another night of carnage.

Now, the CNN building in Atlanta appears to be the latest victim as Target and Autozone bore the brunt of the looting in Minneapolis a few nights ago.

The footage shows dozens of protesters outside a heavily graffitied media giant’s headquarters, with attendees throwing objects to smash the building’s glass.

The attack on the building has elicited massive police presence in an effort to quell the violence.

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Comments, as the tweet displaying the video began to go viral, expressed support for the protesters as many were all to eager to voice their feelings towards the mainstream media giant.

“Finally something we can all get behind,” one commenter tweeted.

Another replied: “Who knew CNN would bring the country together.”

“I shouldnt say this, but I’m going to–let them take it. the people who lied to them. The people who twisted every word our honest President made. It may not be the right way–I’m not condoning it–but people are angry! And it’s justified!” Tweeted a third person.

CNN reporters were arrested while reporting live from Minnesota, but were released moments ago.

In a segment with Van Jones as a guest, Jones spoke out against white people–including “well-intentioned” liberals–suggesting they were all suffering from a virus. He went onto add that it was too late to be “innocent.” 

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