VIDEO: Armed Black Business Owner Says He Will Serve 'Whites Only' After Alleged Robberies


A video that went viral on social media this week shows the black owner of a chicken restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas displaying a “Serving Whites Only” sign and brandishing a firearm, explaining that black customers come in and “want to kill me, when I’m trying to serve them chicken.”

The video, which was originally posted to Worldstar Hip Hop, shows a customer filming the proprietor of Wang’s Chicken, and appearing to continue an argument that started off-camera.

A sheet of paper with the words “Serving Whites Only” sign can be seen taped to the reinforced glass restaurant window.

“What the hell man? Why they want to come in here and kill me, when I’m trying to serve them chicken,” the business owner asks.

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“I’m going to f**king hell around here man. This is a sign I put up, from now it’s gonna be whites only,” the restaurateur says, pulling the note from the window. “I ain’t f**king with it. I ain’t serving y’all no more. Y’all don’t deserve it! You don’t deserve it. You need your ass killed around here.”

The shopowner then picks up a pistol he has stashed under the counter, prompting the person filming to lurch away and finally shut off the camera.

The full video can be seen below.

Large-scale looting, rioting, and armed robbery has taken on many small businesses in recent months, with many mom-and-pop shops being forced to rebuild or permanently close.

In one such case, black business owner’s sports bar in Minneapolis was trashed and looted before its grand opening in May, destroying the owner’s life savings.

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