'Rona Madness

EXCLUSIVE: Kobach Says COVID-19 Numbers 'Being Cooked' to Scare Public, Steal Election for Democrats


In an exclusive interview with National File, U.S. Senate Candidate Kris Kobach explained that, in his view, the political left is manipulating the total number of COVID-19 cases to hurt President Donald Trump’s campaign by sinking the economy, and to steer public opinion in favor of mail-in voting, which Kobach says will be rife with fraud and used to hand elections to Democrats.

Kobach believes Democrats have politicized COVID-19, and are now using it as an attempt to hinder the American economy in a bid to hurt President Trump’s election odds, and cites both increased testing and fraudulent or bad testing as part of the cause of the apparent spike in cases.

“The so called summer spike we’re seeing, we have to be very skeptical about it,” said Kobach. “In many jurisdictions they are defining a confirmed case as something that’s not really a confirmed case. I just spoke to a woman earlier today in Wichita, Kansas who went in to get a test, filled out the form, and then had to leave early for some reason, she didn’t actually take the test. But then she received, in the mail, a letter confirming that she had the coronavirus.”

“There are so many things that are happening that indicate that they are overstating the positive numbers. Of course we’ve all heard about hospitals, they test someone who comes in for a liver problem or an auto accident, and they test positive. Or people who die of something else but they’re also COVID positive, they’ll be treated as a positive death.”

Kobach added that the increase in positive cases is also tied to the United States’ massive increase in testing capability, with “four or five times” more tests being performed in July than in March.

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“The reason is obvious. We know the political history of this country. And that is, regardless of whether it’s a Democrat or a Republican president, if that president is seeking a second term in office, and the economy is strong, he will win,” said Kobach. “And the only hope the Democrats have for beating Donald Trump, I believe, is an economy that is weak.”

“And that is why they’re using the coronavivrus, and they’re using these numbers, as a tool, as a political sledgehammer to bash the economy.”

Kobach also said that COVID-19 is being exploited by Democrats to push vote-by-mail, which he says he learned during his time as Secretary of State of Kansas will lead to an increase in voter fraud.

“President Trump is right to point out the problems of a universal vote by mail system, and that’s what Nancy Pelosi has been pushing,” said Kobach. “The big problem with a forced vote by mail system, a system where you cannot vote in person, is that a ballot goes up automatically to every name on the voter rolls.”

“As the Pew Center on the States has pointed out, there are 24 million bad names on the voter rolls,” Kobach added. “There are a lot of people who will receive that extra ballot, or those two extra ballots, and they will vote with them.”

Kobach is running to represent Kansas in the U.S. Senate, and his upcoming primary election is scheduled for August 4.

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