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KOBACH: Mitch McConnell Spends Millions Attacking Me Because He Wants A 'Yes Man' Senator


U.S. Senate Candidate spoke to National File’s Patrick Howley to discuss the recent revelation that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is spending millions of dollars to derail Kobach’s bid to represent Kansas in the Senate.

Kobach recently revealed that McConnell is spending millions in the state of Kansas to malign Kobach and see that his primary opponent, Rep. Roger Marshall, is elected to the Senate.

“Mitch McConnell recently formed a PAC, and that PAC dumped between 2 and 3 million dollars into the race, which in Kansas is a lot of money,” said Kobach. “All signs point to Mitch as far as the origins of this PAC, it’s using the same bank Mitch uses, it’s the same media buyer Mitch uses, the ads have a Mitch flavor to them.”

“He’s attacking the Republican front runner. We’ve seen this before. He doesn’t want a conservative firebrand, he wants a yes man.”

Kobach also suggested it is irresponsible for McConnell to spend money in a primary contest while there are numerous Republican seats that may be won by Democrats come November.

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“When you think about all the Republican seats that are on the ropes. Colorado, Arizona, Iowa, he could be using that $3 million to defend Republicans, and try to hold the Senate,” said Kobach. “Instead he’s attacking a conservative Republican in a state where he should just sit back, let the Kansas Republican voters decide who the Republican nominee is, and then he can come in and hopefully help that person win the general.

Kobach then noted that Kansas Republicans have an unbroken record of winning Senate elections that goes back to 1932, suggesting McConnell would also have no valid reason to spend money in the general election.

Later in the interview, Kobach agreed with Howley that McConnell is playing favorites in the Kansas race because he wants to stack the Senate with Republicans who would be willing to pass immigration reform that would include amnesty.

Kobach also said that, should McConnell be willing to work with him if he wins the primary, he is willing to meet with McConnell to discuss their differences and cooperate for the November election.

“You would that that Mitch McConnell, after the primary and a conservative has won, would say ‘Okay, we’re going to get the conservative across the line,’ as much as he might have preferred a moderate yes-man.”

“I think so, I hope so,” said Kobach. “But I certainly would come into that meeting taking everything he says with a bucket of salt.”

“It is outrageous that he and the establishment are trying to take me out in the race.”

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