VIDEO: After Success in Seattle, Portland Antifa Fails to Create Own 'Autonomous Zone' Due to Police Intervention


After the successful founding of Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, despite suffering food shortages and currently existing under the rule of a rapper-turned-warlord known as Raz Simone and his private police, Antifa in Portland, Oregon attempted to create their own autonomous zone, but were swiftly stopped by police.

Late last night, videos began to surface of Antifa using repurposing chain link fence to block off an area of the city, with many speculating that it would quickly become an autonomous zone similar to the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle.

“Rioters are grabbing whatever fencing they can find around downtown Portland to build their own autonomous zone,” wrote Andy Ngo.

Another user uploaded the same video showing a group of rioters use fencing to block off an area, saying that the protesters were trying to replicate their success in Seattle.

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However, unlike in Seattle where the mayor feigned ignorance after being questioned about the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, Portland police quickly descended on the area with flash bangs to clear out the would-be autonomous zone.

“Someone brought down a piece of justice center fence,” wrote one Twitter user. “Flash bangs.”

The shaky video shows what appears to have been a festive scene until a loud bang, apparently a flash bang, disrupts the evening and screaming starts.

Soon after police became involved, it appears the would-be autonomous zone was completely abandoned.

“The fence, in what was looking briefly like the beginnings of an autonomous zone, is now abandoned,” wrote Twitter user Sergio Olmos. “A shorter life than the city hall wall.”

While the attempt to establish an autonomous zone in Oregon may have failed within hours, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in neighboring Washington State continues to exist, though it may be short of prospering.

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Within hours of its founding, the group’s self-appointed leader revealed that homeless people stole their food supply, and asked social media users to “bring vegan meat substitutes, fruits, oats, soy products, etc.”

However, this leader’s time was short lived, as it was soon revealed they were a “serial abuser,” prompting them to step down, threaten to take their own life, and lock their social media.

Another man, Raz Simone, has apparently taken control of the autonomous zone, as he and his “crew” have access to firearms.

Simone was seen on video assaulting a man for refusing to stop spraying graffiti over another man’s graffiti art.

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