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VIDEO: 3 Officers Shot After Suspects Retreated to Car, Opened Doors on Same Day as Kenosha Shooting


On Sunday August 23, an unarmed black man was shot by police after resisting arrest and reaching into an open car door. Black Lives Matter rioters quickly mobilized and began burning the city, and the fact that Blake was unarmed and merely reaching into his vehicle was cited as proof of police racism.

On the same day Blake was shot, however, another crime occurred that unfolded in a very similar manner to the Blake shooting, and ended with three officers being seriously wounded after the suspects retreated to a vehicle and produced firearms.

Officers responding to a residential robbery call in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania on Sunday were ambushed by two black gunmen who retreated to their vehicle, opened fire on police cruisers, and fled.

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Andre Larnell Smith, 45, and Steven Maurice Warren, 45, injured three officers with gunfire before crashing their vehicle and being taken into custody.

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Breaking 911 reports:

Two of the injured officers are now recovering at home and one remains hospitalized. Their injuries are not considered life-threatening. The wounded officers include a 15-year veteran, an officer with five years of service and one who joined the department four years ago.

The firefight was captured on the responding officer’s dashcam, and illustrated how quickly “unarmed” perpetrators can become armed and dangerous.

The dashcam footage can be viewed on YouTube below.

Later that day, convicted felon Jacob Blake was shot by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin while resisting arrest and reaching inside his car door.

Kenosha was immediately torn apart by Black Lives Matter riots and arson committed under the pretext that Blake was unarmed and posed no threat to police.

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