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Hero K9 'Dozer' Subdued Kenosha BLM Martyr When He Resisted Arrest on Weapons Charge in 2015


This week, the town of Kenosha, Wisconsin was torn apart by Black Lives Matter rioters after unarmed black man Jacob Blake was shot by police. The incident was not Blake’s first violent brush with law enforcement, as in 2015 a police dog had to take down the convicted felon after he threatened a bar full of patrons with a pistol.

The Racine County Eye reports that in 2015, police responded to a call of a man threatening bar patrons with a handgun. Blake had pulled a handgun on another man, but the magazine fell out of the gun so he retreated outside after being ordered to leave and pointed the weapon at people through the window.

Officers found a woman on the side of the street who informed them that Blake had fled in a silver SUV. It is unknown if this is the same vehicle Blake was getting into several years later during Sunday’s shooting.

Upon locating the SUV in traffic, officers initiated a traffic stop and ordered Blake to show his hands outside the vehicle’s windows to show that he was unarmed.

Blake instead refused to comply, got out of the SUV, and charged officers. He was taken to the ground where he continued to resist arrest, and police dog Dozer was deployed to defuse the situation.

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Dozer executed his job well, and Blake was forced into compliance, earning the canine high praise from the precinct and local media.

Blake was found to be in possession of two loaded magazine, and a pistol and box of ammunition was found in his car.

Dozer went on on to enjoy a long and stellar career in the Racine County PD and retired with honors in January 2019.

Nearly five years later, on August 23, Blake refused to comply with officers and retreated to his vehicle and opened the door. The resulting officer-involved shooting triggered massive Black Lives Matter riots across the country.

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