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VICTORY: Facebook Republishes Major League Liberty Podcast After National File Article


After National File reported that the Major League Liberty was banned by Facebook, seemingly as punishment for daring to question the suspicious circumstances surrounding convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s murder, Facebook relented and allowed the conservative, America First podcast back on the platform.

Yesterday Facebook banned the Major League Liberty podcast’s Facebook page after the group’s most recent episode featured a conversation about the mysterious death of Epstein, who allegedly committed suicide last weekend.

National File reported:

Speaking to National File, Major League Liberty founder Louis Huey explains that they were given no example of offending content when their page was banned by Facebook, and that the group’s personal profile were banned for 30 days.

“They put myself and Logan in Facebook jail on our personal accounts, and they didn’t say what we did, they just said that we did something that violated community standards,” said Huey. “Then they immediately banned Major League Liberty.”

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Huey also explained that any news articles or memes related to Epstein have been taken down from their personal Facebook profiles.

“Any memes or any news articles that weren’t from CNN or MSNBC, if it was from an alternative media site, they completely took it down,” said Huey. “Now they’re going after my producer, who has only been working for like a week.”

After National File contacted Facebook for comment, the page mysteriously reappeared on the website within hours. Facebook declined to provide a comment to National File, but it appears the big tech website is unwilling to endure negative publicity as President Donald Trump reportedly continues preparing an executive order aimed at tackling the issue of big tech censorship.

“We’re B A C K,” Huey wrote on the podcast’s Twitter. “Thank you to everyone for your support!”

While the Major League Liberty page is back on Facebook, Huey’s personal Facebook profile is still in the middle of a 30-day ban resulting from a photo of Huey making the OK sign.

National File reported:

Huey received a 30-day ban from Facebook for using the OK symbol while wearing a Make America Great Again hat yesterday in what marks another absurd move from the big tech giant.

In the photo, Huey is seen holding a beer in his left hand while making the OK symbol with his right hand. Huey is also wearing a Make America Great Again hat in the photo.

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Facebook previously banned National File editor-in-chief Tom Pappert for making the OK symbol, and relented after media coverage.

National File has sent a separate request for comment to Facebook and did not receive a response in time for publication.

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