Update: Jim Kaczmarek, Dismissed by Scott Taylor Team, Goes on Campaign Sign Removal Rampage


In the latest episode of team Taylor turmoil, Jim Kaczmarek a longtime Taylor surrogate and former Vice-Chair of Virginia’s 2nd District GOP was cut loose by the campaign earlier this week, and in response, went on a sign removal rampage up and down Virginia’s Eastern Shore, removing dozens of Taylor campaign signs over a 50 mile stretch of highway.  

Banned from the Taylor campaign’s official social media pages, purportedly after complaints from fellow members, Kaczmarek blamed Taylor’s campaign manager, Regan Kirkby, for the ban, who he claims wanted to “silence” him. “Another one of Scott Taylor’s girls…He loves them young girls f***ing his campaign up,” Kaczmarek said of Kirkby in just one of many bizarre videos he posted to Facebook, documenting the removal of dozens of campaign signs.

Appearing to eulogize his relationship with the campaign, Kaczmarek launched into a long rant in one of the videos, camera trained on a soon to be removed campaign sign, blaming Taylor’s opponents, Regan Kirkby and her mother, as well as Taylor himself for his dismissal.

“Scott, I love ya brother. I’ve been fighting hard for ya since ’16 when you beat Randy Forbes. I don’t know if you’ve got a more solid supporter than me out there or not, man, but the level of disrespect, she [Kirkby] decided to nuke me. My pet peeve is being removed from groups…To have your campaign manager erase me like I meant nothing with one stroke of the mouse on the official pages…It worked! Your haters wanted to derail my efforts on the Eastern Shore…Both of ’em, have vile people just trying to get me off your campaign and your campaign manager made it happen. So Scott, man I know you like the pretty girls, ya know. I don’t even know what to say man. Nepotism. I know she’s your campaign manager because her mom’s your legislative aide. The last one screwed you up with petitions (see Taylor campaign 2018 election fraud scandal), this ones screwing you up with just bad decision making!”

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As I’ve previously reported with both National File and Politics Elections, Kaczmarek has a long history with the Taylor campaign, repeatedly drawing the ire of voters and Republican Party officials alike in and around Virginia’s 2nd District, and his removal from Taylor’s campaign pages is far from his first online political run-in.

In 2018, while serving as Vice-Chair of Virginia’s 2nd District GOP and a surrogate for then-Congressman Scott Taylor’s re-election campaign, Kaczmarek made headlines after issuing a series of violent threats and sexually-charged remarks to Taylor’s primary campaign opponent, Mary Jones, and a number of her female supporters via Facebook. As a result, Kaczmarek was forced to resign his post as District Vice-Chair.

Just one year later, Kaczmarek was banned from serving as an official committee member and participating in nominating events by the Republican Party of Virginia due to his support for Democrat State Senator Lynwood Lewis, a supporter of red flag gun confiscation laws.

More recently, Kaczmarek made yet another social media-driven headline, after touting a phony endorsement from the Accomack and Northampton County Republican Units he claims to have helped secure on behalf of the Taylor campaign.

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