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UK: Convicted Somali Gang Rapist Says He's Too Depressed To Be Deported


Last October, random plane passengers ‘mutinied’ after learning one of the passengers was set for deportation.

It was later revealed that the passenger to be deported was a convicted Somali gang rapist who subjected a sixteen-year-old girl to horrific sexual abuse.

One of his fellow gang rapists went on to fight for ISIS.

Passengers on the plane complained that the convicted gang rapist would be separated from his family.

Yaqub Ahmed, 30, was convicted of gang raping a sixteen-year-old girl after a night out in London in August 2007.

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Each gang member involved in the rape was sentenced to nine years in prison.

Now, Ahmed’s lawyer argues the deportation should be stopped as his client feels ‘suicidal’ and ‘depressed.’

Ahmed had previously attempted to remove his electronic tag and flee the UK after being granted bail in March.

A little under half of foreign criminals set for deportation in the UK lodge legal appeals.

According to the Mail on Sunday:

A vile rapist who escaped deportation after a mutiny by plane passengers made an audacious bid to escape justice and is now pleading to be allowed to stay in Britain because of a ‘deterioration’ in his mental health.

Somalian Yaqub Ahmed should have been deported last October, but a revolt by people on an aircraft who were unaware of his brutal crime scuppered his removal.

The 30-year-old, who was part of a gang who subjected a 16-year- old girl to a terrifying rape ordeal, has since frustrated Home Office attempts to kick him out, and he was last week denied bail from a detention centre at an immigration hearing.

Ahmed’s victim has expressed her discontent at his delayed deportation.

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This failed deportation comes after another high profile plane mutiny in Sweden where a young female activist prevented the deportation of an Afghan man who a convicted criminal.




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