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Facebook Policies Abused to Ban Ads for Melania Trump, 'Women For Trump'


“Women For Trump” ads is the next domino to fall in the line of conservative banning and censorship on a platform run by Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook advertisements were bombarded with people reporting “the laughably obvious policy violation,” as it is referred to on the far left editorial line from Gizmodo.

These attacks and manipulation of media on platforms like the ones run by Zuckerberg at the very least have a dramatic impact on the online presence of Trump’s re-election campaign, and its supporters

A similar ad using the phrase “Attention Ladies” was targeting using the same policy. This was an add looking for donations for First Lady Melania Trump’s birthday.

These examples suggest a pattern. That pattern tells a message: Facebook does not welcome conservative presences. Zuckerberg uses similar policy to allow the “woke” left to report/remove all forms of conservative content from his sites.

As National File reported, the founder of ThinkProgress appears to be the individual behind “Women For Trump” losing their advertising. It is not known who is responsible for Trump losing hers.

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Zuckerberg disguises his data mining through policies that make it more difficult for you to observe how much personal information his sites sell. This relies on the user to, on average, take advantage of reporting conservative content over worrying about how much personal information of your is being sold to target ads towards you. Advertisements that demonstrate knowledge of your personal information are red flags for many users.

We observed similar behavior in Big Tech during the 2016 election. Fortunately for the Keep America Great 2020 crowd, these tactics are not new, and weren’t effective in the last election.  The idea that these tactics will impact his voter turn out appear to be based in fear considering Trump’s approval poll ratings are reported higher now than during 2016.

The Rundown News reported on an interview between President Donald J. Trump and Tucker Carlson. Trump expresses a lack of concern with the effect of social media censorship on his election.

“Although Trump acknowledges that he has heard of and experienced such censorship dating back to his election campaigning for 2016, he does not appear to think that the effects will be catastrophic enough to cost him the next election.”

Trump has made many promises to fight for the conservative voices that have been censored by Big Tech. The Social Media Summit was an important first step.

Trump tweeted before the summit, A big subject today at the White House Social Media Summit will be the tremendous dishonesty, bias, discrimination and suppression practiced by certain companies. We will not let them get away with it much longer.”


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