VIDEO: Border Patrol Unveils 60 Miles of New Border Wall With Drone Footage


United States Border Patrol released footage of 60 miles of newly released border wall near San Luis, Arizona showing progress toward the completion of the barriers.

Trump supporter Amy Mek uploaded the video to Twitter, writing “Border Patrol unveils 60 new miles of Trump’s border wall in drone footage – the section of the newly built border wall is near San Luis, Arizona”.


In the video, smooth drone footage pans the length of the massive border wall, showing semi trucks and pedestrian vehicles being dwarfed by the size of the border wall.

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The walls currently being built by President Donald Trump’s administration include steel bollards driven several feet into the ground.

As National File reported, the wall “30 foot tall bollards (a steel post 6 inches wide), spaced 4 inches apart, with the remainder filled with concrete.”

In vital areas, “A ‘linear ground detection system’ is also to be installed, with lighting on 40 foot high towers.”

This comes after additional border wall construction in Arizona was reported by National File:

The construction of this stretch of the border wall, known as Tucson Project 2, was started with plans to get rid of 2 miles of existing fence. The fencing is to be replaced with 30 foot tall bollards (a steel post 6 inches wide), spaced 4 inches apart, with the remainder filled with concrete. A “linear ground detection system” is also to be installed, with lighting on 40 foot high towers.

The project is estimated to take 45 days, after which they will start on Tucson Project 1, a 38.6 mile stretch along Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge and Organ Pipe Catcus Monument. This project will feature the same wall designs as Project 2. Tucson Project 3, a 19.7 mile stretch over 3 locations, will not begin until after early October, as “the final barrier designs are not yet complete,” says Paul Enriquez, the director of the Border Wall Program Management Office with US Customs and Border Protection.

President Trump previously promised during an appearance on Fox & Friends that over 400 miles of the border wall would be completed by the end of 2020, likely in time for his reelection campaign to capitalize off the finished wall.

“The wall is very important. It’s hard to breach it, it’s high, it’s strong, it’s powerful, and it’s going up at a much lower cost than the wall that was planned prior to me getting there,” said President Trump.

The president continued, “We’re going to have over 400 miles of wall built, and that’s going to be in the most important areas, and we’re going to have all of it built before you know.”

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