The Movie 'CUCK' Made $0 at The Box Office


According to Google, the highly acclaimed movie “Cuck” made zero dollars at the box office after progressive media hyped the film as a retort to the immensely successful “Joker” movie.

The news broke on a screenshot posted by a Twitter account who was reportedly “f***ing crying” at the revelation.

After searching for the movie, National File can corroborate that, according to Google,

On Twitter, some people, incredulous to the news, gave their opinions to the revelation.

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“There’s like a 45% chance that that movie is a money laundering scheme. I refuse to belive otherwise,” one commenter said.

Another wrote, “i cant believe idubbbz is broke,” referring to the recent news surrounding the famed YouTuber’s girlfriend’s profession.

A third joked: “Movie got cucked.”

The gross figure was also confirmed by The Numbers which reported that the movie’s domestic release was on October 4 and video release on December 3, 2019.

On Google, rave reviews appear to plague the movie, which goes into the life of an unemployed loser who gets increasingly frustrated at the state of America to the point where he joined fringe right circles on social media.

One reviewer sarcastically posted:

I saw this with my wife's son and we loved it! Really sheds the light on the warped mind of the alt-right community. There is no room for hate and intolerance in this world anymore. I mean, come on people, it's 2019. There is nothing more important today then flooding your once high trust and powerful nation with thousands of low iq third world genetic abominations, and this movie really proves that if you don't like your family or friends becoming victims of robbery or violence by some poc on a daily basis or your neighborhoods eroding from all the racial diversity, then you are a mentally unhinged and overweight loner freak. Case closed.

Another reviewer wrote:

VIDEO: 'CUCK' The Movie Trailer Released on YouTube
Where to begin with this movie?

All things aside, the New York Times recently released a review that stated how utterly useless this movie was, and keep in mind that that is a liberal reviewing it.

I, as someone from the right wing, can confidently say that this movie does not accurately reflect real life scenarios in America today. In fact, this movie seems to be the posterchild of how leftist politicians view Trump Supporters. They could not be farther from the truth, and this movie tries so desperately to make it seem like the main character is some kind of evil, hateful, fascist, biggotted right-winger. At this point, when watching this movie, all must acknowledge the fact that this movie is entirely liberal propaganda, made to make it seem like the number one issue in America is hate coming from the right wing. This is ironic, because the number one issue facing America is the hatefulness and bigotry coming from the left wing, and these movies are made to distract us from the real evil. Thankfully, it seems like this movie won't make any money, and liberals and conservatives can come to a mutual understanding that this movie is utter trash.

A third person left this to say about the movie:

More anti-white, anti-conservative propaganda. Brainwashed zombies actually think this unsubtle propaganda is true. They take everything they see on tv as holy gospel. This racist nonsense only makes the problem worse. More and more whites are waking up and portraying normal white men as pathetic cucks in every movie, show and commercial will only swell their indignation of this false portrayal. Basically, quit lying. Quit propagandizing. Just make one movie without any communist propaganda. But they won't. They want a civil war, so they can declare "martial law", which is just de facto communism. Being redpilled is a blessing and a curse.

The Coronavirus pandemic will play a firm hand in reducing box office gross numbers for movies due to social distancing and quarantining.

Covid-19 has also negatively affected the practice of cuckoldry and the sexual dynamic of polyamorous relationships, according to a redditor, which National File covered.

National File also covered the release of the “Cuck”movie trailer which was pilloried by commenters on YouTube.

National File was contacted by the group behind the movie, and was told that the box movie’s numbers were unreported due to the small size of the studio. The group did not offer data on the actual box office numbers.

This story has been updated.

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