'Rona Madness

6.6 Million Americans Filed for Unemployment Last Week Amid Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic


According to a report from BNO Newsroom, 6.6 million American workers filed for unemployment last week, bringing the total up to 10 million over the past two weeks, as the world struggles to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

Many people have expressed concerns as to how bills were to be paid amid the shutdown of many non-essential businesses as many regional economies grind almost to a halt.

The New York Times also confirms the whopping number of workers filing for unemployment.

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In the tweet, BNO announced: “BREAKING: 6.6. million Americans filed for unemployment last week, by far the biggest surge in U.S. history amid coronavirus shutdown.”

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The news left a bitter taste in the mouths of social media users, who were divided following the tweet.

“Get ready for looting, rioting, shootings, racial divisions to explode into full fledged violence and above all else civil unrest,” one commenter remarked.

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Another said: “after lockdown and until there’s a vaccine, or a treatment, for #covid19 there will be three classes of people : the young, older adults that have had it and recovered, and older adults that haven’t for whom it may be deadly. not sure what society is going to look like.”

A third quipped: “Yet we’re still bringing in immigrants and temp workers…”

“Can’t wait to see how the stock market opens up today after that news,” a fourth sarcastically tweeted.

Public services have been placed under unprecedented stress following the pandemic.

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Last week, it was revealed that 211 NYPD members had tested positive for the coronavirus, with hundreds of other members away on sick leave.

Over 1,300 people have died in New York from the deadly Covid-19.

In the US, over 215,000 people have tested positive for the coronavirus and over 5,000 people have died.

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