REDDIT: Coronavirus is Making Cuckoldry More Difficult


According to a report, the coronavirus is making the sex life of those involved in cuckoldry within their relationships a little more challenging.

A tweet containing a screenshot from a Reddit post from the r/polyamory community shows the gripe of a cuckold who cannot find a public place to enjoy some peace and quiet while his significant other is sexually satisfied by a third party.

The Redditor who goes by the pseudonym “suit-o-nim” tells the internet board about his problem.

He starts by saying: “So, my office has us all working from home for a couple of weeks, as one staff member’s wife is undergoing testing.”

He continues, “This means I’m now going to be home all the time for a couple of weeks. My wife has an online relationship that usually their interaction is mostly during the day while I’m at the office. I’m not sure the best way to really give them for that during this time. I know that me being home will very much have a different energy in our tiny apartment.”

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The pseudonymous man later offers those will supposedly dispense him advice a few ideas.

He adds: “The only thing I can think of so far that would be safe for all involved would be that I might need to take up long walks to leave for 60-90 minutes here and there, with some coordination so I’m very polite about planned return times.”

At least the troubled Redditor considers the possibility of his carrying the coronavirus.

Seud-o-nim finishes by offering the floor to the internet, saying: “Anyone have any other ideas?”

“I don’t know if I’m a vector and won’t for a while, so I don’t want to be going to libraries, malls, movies, etc.”

Some Redditors wrote possible solutions to the problem.

One user, by the name “EatsCrackers,” wrote: “And if you might be carrier, that means your wife might be, as well. I assume that you’re going to be based in one room? Seems that an equitable solution is to say “I need this room all day. My breaks are at X and Y with lunch at Z, and I may wander through the other room during those times to pee/eat/whatever, but I’ll try not to get in your face as best I can”.

“I mean, you’re working so that kind of needs to be a priority, but there’s still privacy and space to be had, even in a one bedroom apartment.”

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While another, called “karmicreditplan,” said:

If the space is too small to give privacy and neither one of you can go out?

Then what can you do?!

If you can go out do so for a few hours a day. Be crystal clear on when you’ll be back.

In the summers I have a mostly LDR with one partner. My NP is certainly gone a reasonable amount but he used to just pop back in unannounced. I’d be making some crazy sexy video and then hear the door. It felt like a French sex farce.

We just agreed he will never do that. If he’s officially gone he doesn’t come back without texting. Ever. It works perfectly and it’s painless all around.

I’ve also been known to FaceTime from my car. That’s no good for cyber sex but they probably don’t ONLY do that. She can scoot out to get a bit more voice or face to face time.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time open relationships in the era of the coronavirus have been brought up.

On March 9, Slate Magazine tackled a query from a reader in an open relationship whose mother was immunocompromised, and whether it was advisable to pause their open relationship.

The person, going by the alias “Risky Business,” asked:

My husband and I have an open marriage. My mother is immunocompromised. Is it unreasonable to ask my husband not to swap fluids with his girlfriend until the coronavirus blows over?

Slate advised to exercise extreme caution.

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